Published  Photographs by Warner Jepson

Interview Magazine Dec/Jan Issue 2013
Proof sheet from KQED rehearsal Ordinary Dance ¼ page pg 62 (date is wrong)

Space, Body, Language”- Museum Ludwig- catalog 2012
YR – Three Satie Spoons, KQED 1962- pg 79
YR Three Satie Spoons KQED 1962- pg 80

“Woman’s Art Journal” 2009-
“Being Watched” review
YR  “Ordinary Dance” rehearsal 1962 pg 62        

Being Watched” by Carrie Lambert Beatty- 2008
cover/back cover
Preface xii-xiii YR Ordinary Dance  KQED 1962
YR The Bells KQED 1962- pg 2
YR The Bells 1962 – pg 59

Yvonne Rainer -2006
“Feelings are Facts” by Yvonne Rainer- cover
Bob Morris and Simone Forti- pg 192
YR “Ordinary Dance” KQED 1962 pg 201

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“The Bells”-Pg 22
“Three Satie Spoons” pg 23

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Anna Halprin a L’Origine de la Performance- Musee’ art comtemporain-2006
Parades and Changes 1965 pg 16/170 belive this is WJ- I have yet to see negs, but we have a similar photo blown up,
AH The Four Legged Stool 1962- not listed
AA Leath The Four legged Stool 1962 pg 43 not listed
AH The Four legged Stool 1962- pg 67- not listed
AH The four legged Stool 1962 pg 74 not listed
AH The Four legged Stool 1962 pg 75
AA Leath 134-35- not listed
many pictures mis credited

Musee d’Art Comteporain de Lyon- 2006 – no mention of Warner
Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco- 2008-no mention until the end.

“How to Do Things with Dance” – Rebekah Kowal- 2010
Anna Halprin’s Four Legged Stool –pg 240 JG or AA L

Anna Halprin: Experience As Dance- Janice Ross 2007
The Branch Dance on deck 1954
Halprin , Forti, Leath pg 142

Moving Toward Life: Five Decades of Transformational Dance
 By Anna Halprin 1995 facing page of cover
A.A. Leath, Four legged Stool 1962
Halprin at exit-Five legged stool 1962
Wrong credit-Trunk Dance/ Four Square- two photos I do not think are Warner’s? Pg 78

Sharing the Dance: Contact Improvisation and American Culture
 By Cynthia J. Novack  1990
Imporvisation and the Theatre of the Body: Anna Halprin
Photo not shown online/ pg 29
Art Journal - Atomizing Cause and Effect -2009
La Mont Young at piano-1964 pg 74
The San Francisco Tape Music Center- 2008
Steve Reich 1965 pg 28
SFTMC- Woodwind Quintet, Morton Subotnik -1964 pg 29
Elias Romero 1960 pg 144
Terry Riley 1964  pg 206
La Mont Young at piano 1959 pg 212
Anna Halprin “Branch Dance” 1957- pg 232

Terry Riley’s “in C” 2009

Terry Riley “in C”- Carnegie Hall Presents CD-2009


Visionary Film : The American Avant-Garde, 1943-2000: The American Avant ...
Briefly mentioned that he did the music for “The Bed”.

Happenings and Other Acts
 edited by Mariellen Sandford
Rainer/Halprin interview         

Robert Duncan: The Ambassador from Venus : a Biography
 By Lisa Jarnot
“that composer” regarding San Francisco’s Burning pg 217

San Francisco Ballet at Seventy-Five
 By Janice Ross
Listing ballets N.R.A. and Totentanz

Minimalism: Origins: Origins 174
 By Edward STRICKLAND 1993
Musician for In C Terry Riley 1964

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Music by Warner SF Burning pg 202

Art in the San Francisco Bay area, 1945-1980: an illustrated history
 By Thomas Albright 1985
Pg 170 and 189


Artists' Video: 
An International Guide 1991
Pg 214/ 220

The Blue Moment: Miles Davis's Kind of Blue and the Remaking of Modern Music
 By Richard Williams
Page 174


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