Warner in the 1960s



Photo by Phiz Mezey

San Francisco Artists
Various Famous Renaissance Beat Era Late '50's- early 60's
Photos by Warner Jepson

James Broughton
Film Director, Poet

Anna Halprin
Dancer, Choreographer

Jenny Hunter

Ruth Asawa
Building the Mermaid Fountain "Andrea" in Ghiraldelli Sqaure, SF 1967

Helen Burke

Robert Morris

Terry Riley

Elias and Idell Romero

Paul Beattie
Peter Magadini
John Graham
Yvonne Rainer

Other San Francisco Artists photographed by Warner Jepson in the 1960s

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Music 1960s

1961 San Francisco Burning at SF Playhouse - Music by Warner Jepson - Review

1963 Brouhaha - Music by Warner Jepson - Review

1964 Saddle the Unicorn at SF Playhouse - Music by Warner Jepson (mp3 - 5mb 3min 42sec)

Prelude and Dance (SADDLE THE UNICORN) - Warner Jepson (Amiga video - 34mb 3min 42sec)


1965 Piece for Bells and Toy Piano concert - video - Robert Erickson's Music performed by Warner Jepson - Picasa Video

1965 Piece For two Toy Pianos and Pre-recorded Bells -- Performed by Warner Jepson on KQED - (mp3 -25 mb 19:40)

Warner Jepson playing his Buchla 100

'Warner Remembers' - Video clip of him describing his work with the Buchla Electronic Synthesizer (17mb 5min)

'Warner Remembers' - Video clip of him talking about his Buchla Music at Art Openings in 1960s (11mb 3min)

Samples of Warner's Machine Show Music - Created on a Buchla Box circa 1968
(mp3 samples are 1mb and 1 min. each)


Audio cassette of Warner Jepson's Buchla music circa 1969 (5mb 30sec)


Totentanz - 1967 Electronic Musical Score by Warner Jepson

'Warner Remembers' - Video clip of him recounting how he was hired to compose the music for Totentanz (19mb 3min 30sec)

Warner-Jepson-Totentanz-And-Other-Electronic-Works-1958-1973 discogs video
Review of Totentanz by reynoldsretro.blogspot.com

Small Sample of Totentanz and other Electronic Works 1 - 3.7 mb 20sec

Large Sample of Totentanz and other Electronic Work 2 - 15.6 mb 2min 40sec

Totentanz on youtube 2

"Bugs at Large" - YouTube video art using Warner Jepson's Totentanz score


1968 The Awakening - Program

1968 The Bed - Music by Warner Jepson - Music only - (MP3 file) 6min 42 secs

1969 Christmas Songs on a Buchla Box - For SF MOMA (mp3- 25mb 27min 58sec)


Video 1960s


1965 Piece for Bells and Toy Piano concert - video


Link to Warner's Autobiography 1960's excerpt

Chronological scans of articles, programs, and reviews about Warner Jepson from the 1960s